• We consider this a traditional learning that most people are used to. This generally takes place in a class with someone facilitating the content of the course to learners and includes a Participant Guide for learners to follow.  


  • We understand that many employees work remotely or there are divisions spread out among different regions, nationally or internationally. In situations like this, a virtual training may be more cost effective. Virtual training has a similar format to instructor led training, acknowledges technological aspects and tries to minimize the distance among participants with learning activities in an online format.

Regardless of the level of consulting you desire, IA wants to make sure to satisfy your exact needs at the exact time. Our expertise in learning and development should point your organization in the right direction to that resolution.  

As consultants, we can come in during any phase of an existing or proposed project, phase or plan. Our initial focus is to analyze your current situation and help you determine what issues may exist and how to solve them. In other words, sift through the distractions to determine the real issues and how to improve on them.


  • E-learning is any content developed for use on some sort of platform, whether it be the internet/intranet, company website, phone, tablet, etc. Our approach with any e-learning is to make it learner-focused. This involves making several different engaging options for learners to use in a method that works best for them.

Innovative Alignments offers a variety of deliverables, all dependent on your business needs. With our primary focus on millennial engagement we tend to engage more with e-learning types of platforms whether its short videos, quick learning courses or assessments; however, we understand that other training methods are still a necessity as well. The following is a list of deliverables offered:

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This page provides a summary of services offered at Innovative Alignments. During your initial consultation our focus is to find out what your business needs are and then determine what will work best for you. Not the other way around. We understand that every company does not fit into a box and its needs may be specific to an industry or services provided to customers. In knowing this, IA does our best to accommodate and provide a service which meets your needs.


  • Either as a primary training or supplement, it may be beneficial for employees to simulate common scenarios they may encounter or system processes that are better learned with a demonstration and practice. By providing a simulation, employees can get a realistic expectation and be more prepared when those situations occur. 

Depending on the level of service needed, we can work with you to determine or confirm the existing problem, provide solutions, implement a revised plan and analyze its effectiveness. 



We recommend consulting being only part of your solution, though. To receive the full benefits of what IA has to offer, this should be the first step to obtaining what you need at the end of the project. Instructional design, mentioned below, may be that next step.