We work with you to discover and bridge gaps,  creating effective training and increased employee performance.    


The job market is shifting significantly with millennials surpassing any other generation in the workplace. This shift means a transition from traditional training to something more mobile, interactive and easily accessible.  


We provide something different to rigid traditional formats. Something that interests and influences employees but also satisfies organizational needs. 


With the focal point on millennials, Innovative Alignments provides morsel training, which is quick, bite-sized, retainable and applicable to not just millennials but all other generations as well.  


collaborating with you to develop innovative solutions to your training needs  


01. Dedication to Creating and Developing Innovative Solutions

We are not interested in creating the same boring training that many employees in the corporate world are used to. We strive to first determine what the underlying issue is, what possible and creative solutions can fix the issue and develop materials to support that solution successfully.  

02. Millennial Focus

We realize that millennials are not the only generation currently in the workplace. In fact, we are experiencing a workplace like nothing else before. One with multiple generations expecting to perform on the same level; however, with millennials in mind, Innovative Alignments seeks to develop training that adds a little spice to what most are used to. Content presented in a way to catch one's attention and keep it.

03. Increased Employee Performance 

The ultimate goal of training should be to make a positive impact with relative and applicable training for employees. That newly learned information should then, in turn, be easily transferrable to employee's roles. This is one of the factors to have a high impact employee performance and something that IA uses to drive our motivation to provide you with the type of results you want. 


Our team at Innovative Alignments has years of experience collaborating with clients of various industries to analyze, develop and evaluate training materials for successful, effective implementation. Each talented individual is contracted to provide the high quality and successful programs clients expect from IA.