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Innovate Influence

Transform your ideas into innovative solutions for:

  • reliability

  • validity

  • efficiency

What We Do

We help organizations turn their visions into reality by collaborating to create training content catered to their immediate business needs.


Innovative Alignments include the following core elements to produce high quality, applicable learning content. 

morsel learning

Morsel or "micro" learning means creating bite-sized pieces or chunks of information, averaging about 2-5 minutes in length. 

addie model

The ADDIE Model is a core instructional design principle that describes a cyclical process to creating learning content including stages: Analyze, Design, Development, Implement, Evaluate.


We thrive on creating exciting, interesting and engaging material that appeals to the audience and is immediately applicable to employees' roles at their organizations.

What We Offer

Get to Know Us

We work with you to discover and bridge gaps, create and develop innovative solutions, and increase employee performance. 


We're not interested in creating the same boring training many employees are used to.


We strive to determine underlying issues, then develop materials to support those solutions successfully. 


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Dr. Thompson has spent the majority of her career facilitating and developing training.


Christa's academic experience in Communications, Instructional Design and Organizational Development compliments her professional experience in academic operations and corporate training.


Her ability to combine her academic and professional experiences drive Christa's passion for innovative, creative solutions. 

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